Monday, May 08, 2006

A truly useful service

If you’re responsible for a blog or Web site, you’re always looking for free or cheap ways to boost your Web site’s quality and popularity. SEVENtwentyfour not only checks that all the links in your Web site are valid—or at least, lead somewhere—but it also tells you how many other sites in the whole Webiverse are connecting to your site.

This is far more informative than counting “hits” on your Web pages: it tells you just who is interested enough, or impressed enough, with your Web site to send others to it.

Another service is rank checking: SEVENtwentyfour tells you where your site ranks according to Google, and others. As the company points out, “Google lowers your ranking if it sees broken links on your site, and Yahoo! won’t even list sites in its directory unless the links are perfect. Link errors aren’t just cosmetic. They cost you ranking, traffic and money.”

The service starts out as free for a month, but even when they charge, the bite is light: under $100 for a small site like mine for a whole year!

The service was put together by SevenTwentyFour, based in Mississauga, outside Toronto, and with another office near Buffalo, New York (straddling a hockey rivalry). It’s a subsidiary of marketing firm Brandimensions, and focuses on Web site verification.

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