Saturday, March 03, 2007

When you know you’re being lied to

Gas prices in central Canada are spiking again to nearly a dollar a litre — for you Americans, that’s about four bucks a gallon. And some gas stations in Toronto have had to close for lack of fuel.

The reason, apparently, is a fire in a refinery on February 15. That’s led to a huge shortage of gas, and hence the price increase.

Come on: one refinery fire means there’s not enough gasoline in half the country? There have to be more refineries.

I think it’s just another example of big oil taking an excuse to gouge us consumers. And their cover story is a further insult. How can they expect anyone with a little intelligence to buy that?

I would have expected the oil industry to be able to come up with a better cover story for raising their prices yet again. In the past, Big Oil has used hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, and war in the Middle East have to excuse their price gouging. This time, I want a better explanation than one fire.

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