Sunday, May 06, 2012

6-Sentence sample: The lost patrol

This week's six-sentence sample is designed to make you shudder. It comes from Part 2 of The Bones of the Earth. Valgus, the Roman Legate posted to the edge of haunted Dacia, tells the main character, Javor and his mentor, Photius, how he got that wound that would not heal.

He begins with a little background about a lost patrol in the mountains.

“Then, high in the foothills of the Montes Serrorum, they came upon something, I know not what, that destroyed them utterly. Ten heavily-armed cataphracti! One man came limping back to tell us the news. All he could tell me was that the patrol had been wiped out by a group of something. But he couldn’t say what it was before he died in my arms.” Valgus closed his eyes and shuddered.

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  1. I do indeed shudder to think about 'the something' that's capable of wiping out patrols. Great six!

  2. Oh fantastic! There are not nearly enough Roman-based books out there. I'm adding this to my Smashwords basket ready for payday.

    1. Thank you! And please consider leaving a review there when you've read the book!