Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Tour with Master Koda Linda Bolton: What kicked off her book?

For the TTC Master Koda Virtual Blog Tour this week, I'm hosting Linda Bolton, full-time fitness instructor, things Scottish fan and as-yet-unpublished romance author. Her assignment for this week (week 7)  is "what kicked off your current book?" Her book ... well, I'll let Linda tell you.

Yes, You Could Be A Character In My Book!

I write contemporary romance. My ideas come from everyday life...mostly from my friends or public figures.

Since my divorce, I have reconnected with a lot of male friends from high school and college. One of the many things they have in common is a lack of sex life with their spouses. Somehow I have become their confidant and unofficial sex therapist.

I was debating what I wanted my current book to be about and thought how much fun it would be to write about my sex advice. I have always told my friends nothing they say or do is exempt from my writing, but I would use creative licence to protect the embarrassed.

I’ve been working on character profiles and this will be one hot book. It has many middle-aged, still very sexy, men with steamy sex scenes. You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve learned while chatting with sex-starved men. Texting and Facebook make it very comfortable for people to speak freely. Maybe I should have gotten that psych degree instead?

I would never tell the true identities of my characters. I’m hoping, if they’re brave enough to read my book, they won’t recognize themselves. I would hate to make enemies of my friends; they really should feel flattered I found them so interesting!

If you check out my blog, you’ll see its about everyday relationship issues that can increase romance or block it. I’m hoping this book, with humor and naughtiness, can remind us of the romance we are missing in our lives and how to get it back.

How’s the romance in your life? What are you doing to “bring sexy back”?

Linda's blog is "Romance is in the Air." This week in the Virtual Blog Tour, she's hosting Kristina Jackson.
My guest post in the Tour this week can be found Inside the Secret World of Allison Bruning, where I write about five sparks that started my novel.

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