Sunday, March 24, 2013

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The One Shade of Red Launch Blog Tour

One Shade of Red launches on April 2, and 12 great bloggers — all professional, top-notch independent authors — have generously donated their blog space to helping the book’s profile rise.

Each day over the next two weeks, you can visit the blog for a different excerpt from the book, my second novel. And starting on April 2, you can link to buy the book (if you want to) on Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes and other major e-tailers.

March 26: Alan McDermott, Jambalian blog — excerpt from Chapter 1: Falling Down
March 27: Siggy Buckley, Writers Get Together — excerpt from Chapter 2: The Re-Do

March 28: Charity Parkerson, TheSinner Author — excerpt from Chapter 8: Cleaning Pools

March 29: CR Hiatt, McSwain and Beck — excerpt from Chapter 5: Shopping

March 30: Dawn Torrens, My Books & I blog — excerpt from Chapter 7: Argument with Kristen

March 31: Bruce R. Blake, The Thoughts and Opinions of a Writer on the Rise — excerpt from Chapter 6: Building the Client Base

April 1: David C. Cassidy, Because Life is a Really Good Story — excerpt from Chapter 11: Dom and Sub

LAUNCH DAY, April 2: Cinta Garcia de la Rosa’s Indie Authors You Want to Read — excerpt from Chapter 10: Dinner Date

ALSO: Guest post about writing a different kind of fiction on Joyce Strand’s Simply Tips

April 3: Doug Dorow, Thriller Author — excerpt from Chapter 9: Mrs. Casales

April 4: Valjeanne Jeffers, Collision of Worlds — excerpt from Chapter 4: What a Morning After

April 5: Frederick Lee Brooke, AuthorUnplugged — Excerpt from Chapter 12, Hell and Heaven and Hell Again

April 6: Best-selling author's Shannon Mayer's blog — Excerpt from Chapter 15: Mom’s Advice

Thank you, all!

Take a look at each one on their day, read the excerpt and leave a comment. Show them all some blogger love!

I hope you enjoy the excerpts. If you don’t, let me know in a comment below.

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