Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cover reveal: Revenge — Tube Riders, Book 3

revenge cover

Now this is a striking cover!

Book 3 in Chris Ward's Tube Riders trilogy launches this month, only a couple of months after Ward released the second volume, Exile.

The Tube Riders trilogy is an original idea, set in a decidedly dystopian futuristic, dictatorial society. In Mega Britain's inner cities, gangs of youths seek excitement by riding on the outsides of underground trains. After being pursued by government Huntsmen, they spark a revolution. Revenge is set three years after the action in Exile. 
The Governor of Mega Britain is preparing for war with Europe. In Mega Britain's inner cities, pockets of rebels fight and die in the name of Marta Banks, brave leader of the surviving Tube Riders. 
The Tube Riders themselves, though, have disappeared. With their trail gone cold, the Governor and his deadly Huntsmen have no way to find them. 
That is, until the day the Governor recovers a long lost treasure from his past, an ancient artifact that could crush the rebellion for good.
Marta Banks is about to lose everything.

Look for Revenge this month, and in the meantime, check out Chris Ward's blog, his Amazon author page, and his earlier books, Tube Riders, Tube Riders: Exile, Head of Words, and The Man Who Built the World.

And re-read the review I gave of what he describes as his "best work," Head of Words, here in Written Words.

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