Sunday, January 29, 2012

I've been nominated for Kreativ Blogger Awards!

I feel very pumped today, and I have received two nominations for Kreative Blogger awards, and at least one for the Versatile Blogger.

The first came from RS Guthrie, my very good Twitter and blogger friend and, more importantly, an excellent writer (his first two novels are Black Beast and Lost). Then, I noticed I had been nominated by several others, as well: Alan McDermott, author of Gray Justice. Finally, I just found that Wendy S. Russo nominated me for a Versatile Blogger.

First, thanks very much for these. Coming from such talented writer excellent books on the market and an top-notch blogs, it means a lot.

The way that the Kreativ Blogger Award works (apparently; I can’t claim to know much about it beyond what Rob wrote), I have to tell you 10 things you don’t know about me (and as Rob says, I have to make them interesting), and then nominate six other blogs for the award.

So, here goes:

10 interesting things you didn’t know about me

  1. I have launched a stealth campaign to minimize capital letters in sub-headings.
  2. I used to teach English in colleges in Ontario.
  3. I have never been to eastern Europe, other than through Google Earth.
  4. Even though I was born in Winnipeg, I did not learn to skate until adulthood.
  5. I dented an elevator in Athens. That hurt.
  6. My last name has changed twice in my life, but “Bury” is the one that I’m sticking with, and it’s my real, legal name. You can find me, if you try.
  7. On the rare occasions when I do cook, I don’t like having anyone help me.
  8. I am purposely trying to write books that are different from anything else every published, but you have to dig deep to see where the difference is.
  9. I can fix things around the house, but it takes a long, long time, and I often break something else in the process. So it’s kind of a self-extending project.
  10. I haven’t been able to find time for working out for months. Yes, Nike, get off my back. I’ll do the same too, eventually—once I get up the nerve to step on the scale again.

Six blogs that I nominate:

  1. Rob on Writing—as I said, a great source of ideas, inspiration and straightforward insight into the difficult path ahead of the author today. Rob on Writing also has links to other blogs and sources that can be invaluable to readers and writers. A nomination for such an award from a writer of such calibre (yes, that’s the correct—Canadian means correct—spelling) means a lot. If you are not following Rob on Writing, you’re missing an excellent resource for information, ideas , insight and inspiration for writers and readers. Follow and subscribe to it.
  2. Write Hook—Scott Morgan, my long-lost brother from another mother (and father), is the author who coined the phrase “write for the jugular.” Scott is an excellent writer, although to date he has only published two books: Short Stack, a collection of short stories and poems; and Character Development from the Inside Out, which is a guide book for writers. Scott’s writing style is as clear and as smooth as 12-year-old single-malt scots whisky.
  3. Jambalian, by Alan McDermott, author of Gray Justice—funny, insightful, always cheers me. I can identify with Alan. I just wish I were as smart as he is, and had started seriously trying to publish fiction when I was his age.
  4. Stephen Legault’s blog on writing—a great perspective from a writer who has been published by an actual publishing company, and writes successful books about a piece of history and geography that seems very remote, yet fascinating.
  5. Van Brown’s Journal—Van contacted me through LinkedIn a few months ago because he liked my blog. I was so flattered, particularly because Van is a very talented, funny and self-effacing writer with laser-sharp insights, great experience and endlessly entertaining and valuable stories.
  6. The Novel Project, by Roger Eschbacher—this professional TV writer has launched his own fiction career, and describes his ups, downs and successes in detail. Essential for any writer.
  7. Steve Vorley, fiction writer—yes, I know that seven is more than six. Sue me. Steve’s blog is a really creative use of the blog format. He has regular interviews with writers, and it’s worth reading.

Some others that I heartily recommend:
  • Will Granger’s Anabar blog—a writer who deserves wider recognition
  • Rachel Harrie’s blog, Rach Writes—lots of links, resources and competitions for new writers
  • Rebecca Scarberry’s Scarberryfieldsforever—this dauntless contributor to the Kindle Books Review blog has launched her own blog recently. So far, she just has a short story, but I’m looking forward to more.
  • KD Rush—a self-named website that is so chock-full of stuff, I don’t know where to begin describing it. But check it out.
  • Jo VonBargen’s Two-Bit Bard—this is actually several blogs rolled into one: two separate poetry blogs plus a blog where Jo tells us about her life. I cannot believe the strength she shows in that one. And the poetry blog actually re-awakened my appreciation for poetry in general.
  • John Hansen’s Incessant Droning of a Bored Author—he interviews authors and reviews books. I just wish (very much) he’d rename the blog.
  • Wendy Russo’s blog—Wendy documents her progress on her novel and her life. Looking for links that can help you as a writer? Check her out.
There are so many more. The writing community is truly a supportive one, and I’m very proud to be included in the words, tweets, posts and thoughts of the many people out there who have read my words, contributed comments, retweeted and reviewed.

So, please, all of you, check out all the blogs above. If you think any deserve it (and many do), check them out, leave comments, tweet about them, list them on Facebook, whatever it takes. Let’s get the word out!

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  1. Congratulations, are so deserving!! Love your picks. I already know some, and will definitely check out the rest. Thanks so much for putting me in the middle of all this fine company! You totally jazzed up my Sunday, my friend! Again...kudos to you; you're such a talented writer, and a super-nice guy, at that!