Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six sentence Sunday for January 22, 2012

I may be posting this a little too late for the good people who run Six Sentence Sunday, but I do tend to sleep in a little on Sundays. 

I just hope that the people who check the entries don't get down to #167 in the list before I get this out. At any rate, here are six more sentences from The Bones of the Earth. This excerpt is from a later point in the story, about three-quarters of the way through. The setting is an armoury in Constantinople, which is under attack by ...

The dragon opened its mouth, revealing terrible, long, pointy white teeth. It spat a green liquid toward Philip that hissed and steamed where it hit the stone floor. Some of the spit hit Philip’s forearm, and he fell screaming to his knees. His skin bubbled, smoked, cracked and blackened, then began to melt and drip off. The bubbling spread, down toward his fingers, which shriveled, dissolved and fell off. The bubbling spread upwards toward his elbow, dissolving more and more of the arm.

Of course, there is a longer excerpt from the first chapter at the tab on top of the page. And if you like it, you can buy it from Amazon (.mobi format for your Kindle) or from Smashwords (all formats available).

Enjoy! Leave a comment if you like. 


  1. Nice imagry. *shudder shudder* gotta love acid spit. :D Thanks for the post.

  2. Glad you liked it. That was quick, too!


  3. ouch. that sounds painful. great six.

    Oh, btw. If the post isn't live by 9am US Eastern, they de-link you. Queue the post and sleep in. :)

  4. Gadzooks! That is harrowingly vivid! Lucky I just finished brunch. lol