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Reviews of The Bones of the Earth:

I try not to brag, but on the other hand, if you don’t promote your own work as an independent author, no one else will, either.

And I’m quite proud of the number of very positive reviews my first novel, The Bones of the Earth, has received in different places. So I thought I would compile excerpts from them. Follow the links to read the full text.

Thanks to everyone who has written so nicely about my work.

Marilou George, blogger: Confessions of a Reader, and reviewer for the Kindle Book Review

I found this story to be amazingly detailed, thought provoking and captivating on many levels. It is very apparent that a tremendous amount of research went into the writing of this book and coupled with the amazing characters and plot twists I could not put this book down.

This story will keep you totally absorbed and the plot twists are never ending. The research involved in this book is undeniable. Scott Bury has managed to capture the quality of fantasy mixed with the historical reality of the times to present a truly remarkable and magical story. I highly recommend this book!

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Elise Stokes, author of the Cassidy Jones series of middle-grade/young adult novels

I don’t usually read fantasy, but after this novel it’s a genre I’ll explore more. Scott Bury is a talented storyteller and had clearly done his homework before launching into this one. His writing is solid and vivid.

Javor is a brilliant character: brave, fierce, loyal, compassionate, and autistic. Yes, the hero has Asperger’s. I applaud how thoughtfully and subtly Bury “shows” Javor’s disability. However, this story isn’t about Javor overcoming his disability. He is simply who he is: wonderful and heroic.

I have one caution, which I only give because I have seen this novel labeled as Young Adult. It contains explicit sexual content that makes it unsuitable for younger readers, in my opinion. So don’t make presumptions based on Javor’s age. The Bones of the Earth is not written for someone his age. It’s intended for an adult audience, which I highly recommend it to.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention my favorite scene, which is probably the most epic action scene I have ever read: a battle with a dragon. Talk about vivid! This is a scene that I hope one day to watch wide-eyed on “the big screen” while absently shoveling popcorn into my mouth. Bury sure knows how to choreograph and describe a fight.

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KD Rush, author of the Rush Report blog 

With his debut novel, Scott Bury has firmly established his place in the fantasy genre. The plot is solid, the pace is quick, and the characters are well written. Typically I read two or three books at a time, jumping from one to the other between sittings. I was not able to do that with this one. My intention to read the first chapter or two failed miserably. Several hours later and I found myself half-way through the book.

When you follow the main character, Javor, you can expect excitement. What you can't expect are the plot twists. The most unforgivable sin in any form of storytelling is predictability. That is not an issue with this book. You never know what's around the next curve in the road, hidden in a dark cave, or even whom you can trust. Just when you think it's safe—WHAM!

The story pulls you in, and the action pushes you from one page to the next. It's a heck of a good story, and I highly recommend it.

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Linda from goodreads

An excellent book. The writing mechanics were excellent. I generally do not read historical fantasy. I made an exception with this author and will do so again for him. He has a rare ability to evoke feelings in the reader. His work is not simply read, it is felt.

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Kelly Banton from goodreads

A marvelous read—it is clear how much work went into this book.

Scott Bury's writing style is comfortable, and easy to lose yourself in. I spent the better part of a day stuck in the book, in spite of all the other things I had to do!

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Gillian Andrews from goodreads

This a vivid and compelling first novel. Scott Bury has the knack of making his scenes spring to life, which should make it a strong contender for a film deal at some stage. The mix of real fact and history with fiction is potent, and the plot is nicely complex. Although the author describes his genre as “historical magic realism,” this is a great find for epic fantasy fans.

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Reviewers of The Bones of the Earth, Part One: Initiation Rites

A couple of months before I published the full novel on Smashwords, Amazon and iBooks, I published Part One: Initiation Rites separately, with its own International Standard Book Number (ISBN), because it stands on its own as a complete novella-length story. Here’s what some readers thought of it:

Will Granger, author of Anabar’s Run and Anabar Rises:

I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to much more from Scott Bury. I liked this coming-of-age epic filled with believable characters and situations, tense action, and mystical, magical elements.

The story is filled with intense action; each time, Javor [the main character] learns a bit more of just how powerful and capable he is.

Bury does a great job here, combining violent, exciting action with Javor's reluctance to accept his new role. Javor is a realistic young man, pulled in different directions by confusion about what he ought to do with his life.

The real strength of The Bones of the Earth is that Bury has created a realistic character chosen by fate and destiny, who is able to fight magical, mystical forces with his very human strength, skill, and determination. I look forward to reading more.

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Roger Eschbacher, author, Dragonfriend: Leonard the Great, Book One 

When his people are attacked —first by vicious horsemen, then by an unspeakable horror—village outcast Javor finds abilities stirring within that hint he might not be destined for the life of a simple farmer.

Author Scott Bury demonstrates his considerable writing skills by masterfully weaving a story that, at times, has you holding your breath as you wonder what's coming next. Especially enjoyable is how he plays out Javor's gradual realization of what his true destiny might be.

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D.L. Atkinson, author of I Have to Get it Right, The Biter Bit and The 51st State

The author has produced an excellent tale that has you on the edge of your seat. The characters are believable and created with substance and they compel you to feel emotion. I believe that the book is a winner and congratulations. Highly rated.

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Alan McDermott, author of Gray Justice and Gray Resurrection:

I'm more of a guns and grenades person than swords and dragons, but it took very little time to get into this book and I was soon carried away in the tale spun by Scott Bury.

My heart was beating faster as the main encounter drew near, that is how well this book was written.

I can strongly recommend this fine piece of work and I'll be back for more of Scott's work!

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