Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six sentence Sunday: the vampire edition

Portrait of a female vampire borrowed from 123RF photos
The pop-culture vampire craze bugs me. So what more logical response than to take this week's six-sentence excerpt from the part of The Bones of the Earth that introduces my vampires?

Not logical, you say? Well, I don't write about cute, sexy, romantic vampires. No, mine are horrifying bloodsuckers.

Six sentences: enter the vampire

Context: this excerpt is from Part Two: Tests. The MC, Javor, his mentor, Photius, and their recently rescued damsel in distress, Danisa, are walking south in Dacia toward the limes, the border of the Roman Empire. They camp for the night. The two men are supposed to take watch in turn, but both fall asleep one dark, dark night. Javor dreams about his old girlfriend:

Her hands roamed over his naked skin, and her kisses became nips and bites. She kissed his throat hard, sucking the skin into her mouth until it hurt.

A sharp pain penetrated his neck, and his eyes flew open as he gasped. The sun was gone the sky was dark, and Javor felt cold. He was back in the night under the oak tree, and there was a terrible pain in his neck. He groped at it and felt something … hairy.
Want to find out more? Want to read about vampires who are not friendly and pretty (for a change, at least)? Click the tab at the top of the page for the first chapter, or order the e-book from Amazon or Smashwords.
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  1. Very well written and very descriptive. As a horror fan more than anything, I love that your vampires aren't the loving, handsome, beautiful variety that agonize over what they are (what I personally refer to a The Angel Syndrome from Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Very good Six.

  2. I'm a huge fan of vampires being vampires. Very nice six!

  3. I enjoyed your six! Love the departure from the "sexy" vampires (though I do love those too LOL). :)