Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting ready for my first book signing

Stressed-out image courtesy the Canadian Bald

On Saturday, September 29, I will have my first book signing event, and I’m now starting to stress about making sure I’m ready.
Map and Directions
As regular readers of this blog (and I know there are a few of you) know, it’s going to be at Gaia Java — Ottawa’s newest and best chain of cafés — at 1300 Stittsville Main Street in Stittsville, in the far west end of the city.
I’ve done everything I can to try to publicize the event in advance:
  • sent notices to all the local newspapers, radio and TV stations
  • posted the announcement on local “event” websites
  • put up posters at libraries, cafés, bookstores and other places where people interested in books and book signings might see them
  • sent emails to everyone I know (well, almost everyone), even though they may be living in a different continent
  • created an “Event” on my Facebook page
  • announced it in a variety of Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • announced it to my Google Plus circles
  • Tweeted
  • and of course, announced it here on my blog.
Short of hiring a publicist or sky-writers, I don’t know what else I can do for very little, or no, money.
So now, I’m trying to think of all the things I need on Saturday. A good friend, actor Van Brown, reminded me to bring “something to write with.” Obvious as that may seem, I had not put “pens” on my list of Things to Bring to the Book Signing.
I’ve made up a couple of other posters, including one with an enlargement of my book’s cover (at the suggestion of Melissa Bourbon’s and Tonya Kappe’s The Tricked Out Toolbox). I’ll bring a couple of pads of paper where people can write down their email addresses in case they want to subscribe to the blog or notices about the book or other books. Maybe some kind of raffle tickets for a free copy of Bones or one of the other books. Tape for putting up the posters. Pins, maybe. Pencils in case the pens run out. Bookmarks that promote The Bones of the Earth. Cards with my contact information.
Money for coffee: if you come out and mention this post, I’ll buy you a coffee!
What else do I need? Oh yes, copies of my book. The Bones of the Earth.
And I’ll have some copies of books by other members of Independent Authors International.
There. Is that everything? What have I forgotten? If you can think of something, PLEASE leave a Comment.
Finally: if you’re nearby, please drop in on Saturday! I’d love to meet readers!


  1. Good luck with your first signing! Sounds both super exciting and deer-in-headlights scary at the same time.

  2. Your comments were very helpful. I too am having my first book signing soon.

    1. Congratulations! Tell us more: what's the book, where and when is the signing?