Saturday, September 29, 2012

Live blogging from my book signing!

I'm here at Gaia Java in Stittsville, in the west end of Ottawa, at my first book signing event.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to explore live blogging again, using my trusty dusty iPad2. I've managed to make a couple of entries on Facebook, and even added a picture on Twitter, using this technology. Updating the blog is a little more challenging using the iPad, so I'll describe the details on how I'm doing this at the bottom of this post.

The event is going much better than I expected. There's a lull in the traffic right now, so I have some time to write this blog, but I sold my first copy within my first 10 minutes here, so a lady who had seen the publicity from Gaia Java's web page. Within the first 90 minutes, I sold two more copies.

While this may not seem like huge numbers, from the research I've done on book signings, it is excellent results — some veteran authors have reported sales of two or three copies in a day.

I have to say "thanks" to Paul Melsness and Paul Jay, co-owners of Gaia Java, for this opportunity. They've allowed me not only space, but let me move tables and chairs around and put up posters on their walls. And, they have excellent coffee. Even if I were not flogging books, I love coming here to have some really great coffee and enjoy the art on the walls.

By the way, the art is for sale, and it's very good, so take a look.

Not only did Paul and Paul give me the space and chance to do this, they also did more effective publicity than I did. I put up posters and sent media advisories all over the region, but the reporter who came to cover this (so far) from the local paper got the notification through Gaia Java's publicity.

How I did it
For this post, I'm trying Google's Blogger App for the iPad. But here come some customers!

I'll blog again at the next chance.

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