Saturday, May 18, 2013

The coolest thing that can happen to a writer

This picture is only peripherally related to this blog post.
But who can resist and orange tabby on an iPad?
'Chester and the iPad' by FoxyCoxy 2010 Creative Commons Attribution,
Non-Commercial, No Derivatives Licence
I was riding the bus yesterday morning, on the way to the day job. Sitting across from me was a woman reading on her iPad.

Now, being occasionally enterprising, I reached into my briefcase for one of my bookmarks I printed as a promo for my first novel, The Bones of the Earth, with the Amazon link printed on it. And I noticed that the woman with the iPad kept glancing up at me.

Eventually, she turned the iPad around, and what did I see on the screen but the cover of The Bones of the Earth!

“I’ve read it already,” she said, smiling.

Apparently, she recognized me from my picture on the last page of the book.That made my week. My month.

She told me she liked it, too. “I believe in supporting indie authors, and if they’re local writers, too, well that’s even better!”

There is nothing quite like randomly meeting someone who tells you they like your work, whatever medium you work in.

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  1. Good for you. I usually meet people on buses who've had too much to drink and want to punch someone - usually me.

  2. How exciting! Congratuations!