Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look in the obvious places first

Well, I am a little chagrined. I mentioned earlier that I did not know how to move digital photos from my digital camera to my iPad2. I even Tweeted a request.

Now, it turns out that Apple has an adapter to allow you to connect your digital camera to your iPad through USB. Well, whatever they call that wide port on the bottom that goes out to USB. And it's available right on the Apple Store website.

Still, there is the problem that Safari on the iPad does not see the photos in the Camera Roll. And I wonder where the photos will go from the camera—probably to the Photos app.

Next question: should I shop for the connector here in Switzerland? How much more will the shops in Lucerne or Lausanne (my next stops) charge than Apple does in Canada ($29)?

Stay tuned to the same Bat-channel!

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