Monday, August 08, 2011

Using the iPad2 on location

A real life-saver for depending on the iPad2 as the prime mobile device is this accessory keyboard I bought at the same time. It's from Kensington, and comes integrated into a leather cover for the iPad2. This way, it not only protect the tablet, it really provides a solution to typing.

The iPad2's on-screen keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. The main shortcoming is that the numbers and the symbols are on completely separate keyboards. The keyboard opens up online, and it's suited mostly to two-finger typing. To get to the numbers, you have to press the "123" key; the whole keyboard changes to numbers and symbols.

However, many of the symbols we use commonly, such as the # for Twitter, are on a third keyboard st. That really slows you down.

As far as using the iPad2, I'm getting used to the camera. It's unwieldy, to be sure, but the pix are quite good. And you can access them for posting within apps - for example, the TripAdvisor app. However, nothing in this Blogger site seems to have the ability to find my pix on the iPad2. I have not found a "Blogger" app, but if anyone out there knows of one, can you send me a link?

That's all for now. Talk at'cha again soon.


  1. Same here, have not found Blogger app for iPad as of yet. Saw one for iphone, but it was not working very well. Really hope there is one in the works.

    just got the Ipad2 and getting used to the keyboard, though i know exactly the one you are talking about. I found it after i already bought a case ;)

  2. I have a app downloaded from iTunes store on iPhone. It is also in my ipad2 but may still be the small version which is usable. Look for it. Wish I could provide link, but I got it a while back & don't know it. Prob found it @ apple store or via iTunes???