Monday, October 08, 2012

A Thanksgiving giveaway

Today and tomorrow, Monday, October 8 and Tuesday, October 9, I'm giving away The Bones of the Earth for free through Amazon.

That's right: you can download an e-book copy of The Bones of the Earth, completely free, but only until midnight at the end of Tuesday, October 9.

Come to this link:

What the reviewers say:

"I kept turning pages, fascinated, wishing to know what will happen next."

"A marvelous read..I spent the better part of a day in The Bones of the Earth in spite of the things I had to do!"  

"Scott Bury has the knack of making his scenes spring to life." 

"A story that has you holding your breath as you wonder what's next. Highly recommended.” 
Don't miss it!

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