Sunday, October 07, 2012

Six spooky Sunday sentences

Image source: Wikipedia Commons
My favourite holiday, Hallowe’en is coming up fast. In honour of the event, for the next four Six Sentence Sundays, I’ll be posting the spookiest passages from The Bones of the Earth.

The Bones of the Earth is a historical fantasy set in the Eastern Roman Empire during the darkest of the Dark Ages. It begins when Avar raiders kidnap two girls from the village of the main character, Javor.

In Chapter 3, Javor and his best friend, Hrech, go to rescue the girls, and find them that night, just after the rising of the full moon.
It was hard to make out at first what he saw in the moonlight, but when his foot struck something that rolled, understanding hit him like a cold wave. It was a severed head; the Avar helmet rolled off it and continued a short distance before it fell over in the grass.

Javor was surrounded by the dismembered bodies of the whole troop. Ten heavily armoured men had been literally torn apart—maybe more. They may have had friends. Everywhere he looked there were legs, arms, torso, heads.

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  1. That's monstrously fascinating. I like your gruesome 6!

  2. Oooh, so creepy! Nice job (and I love your jack o'lantern!)