Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spooky Sunday: 6 more scary sentences

It's Sunday, and you know what that means: time for another installment of six spooky sentences from my novel, The Bones of the Earth.

Like last week's Six Sunday excerpt, these six sentences come from Part One of the novel. In this section, the hero, Javor, and Photius, the mysterious wanderer from Constantinople, are tracking the monster that murdered Javor's parents - although Javor does not believe in monsters. Yet.

The pair have been following a trail of destruction for a day and a night, when Photius tells Javor they are about to enter the monster's own territory:
Past a small rise, the thin grass disappeared into a loosely-packed scrabble. A few bent, withered trees with hardly any leaves clung weakly to the hillside; ahead, a brackish creek wandered sluggishly to the east. At the bank, Photius said “Take care now, son. Don’t touch the water,” and they hopped carefully from stone to stone across a natural ford. Javor could see craggy mountains ahead; surprisingly, they had no snow on their tops. The whole vista seemed dead and repellent. Javor gagged on the reek of rotting animal carcasses.

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Happy Sunday!


  1. "Javor gagged on the reek of rotting animal carcasses."
    Nice six!
    I like the evocation of several senses.

  2. I agree! Great sensory descriptions. This is something I struggle with so I love to see how other people do it effectively! :D

  3. Anonymous3:37 PM

    This sounds a very interesting novel. I like action adventure stuff.