Friday, November 01, 2013

My Presidential address

Today, I am proud to say that I take on the Presidency of BestSellingReads, a collective of “new fiction” authors. My thanks to Frederick Lee Brooke for being such an inspiring and capable President and blazing a path for me.

BestSelling Reads is an organization of writers of fiction and non-fiction who know the value of teamwork. Each member has a track record of producing quality books that regularly top best-seller lists, win awards and earn high reviews.

Above all, BestSelling Reads' site is a place to discover new, exciting, excellent books by some of the best new writing talent there is.

The group represents a broad range of writers working in many genres — everything from romance to thriller, science fiction to mainstream literature.

You may recognize some of the names: Shannon Mayer, Andy Holloman, Rachel Thompson, Patricia Sands ... authors with books near the top of their genres. And I’ve found every one of them to be helpful, kind, and downright smart. They’re some of the best writers I’ve ever read, too.

Regular readers know how I believe in independent writers working in concert to produce and promote books without the interference of a commercial publisher. Together, we can perform all the functions of a publishing company and achieve or exceed the standards of any Toronto, New York or London company — and leave control, and the rewards, in the hands of the author. BestSelling Reads is very effective at the function I find most difficult: marketing and promotion.

I was flattered to be invited to join at the beginning of the year; I’ve participated in a number of giveaways and other promotions, contributed to the blog and been interviewed on their Internet radio show. It’s been rewarding, and I’ve seen a couple of spikes in sales of my books.

Right now, BestSelling Reads is having another contest. You could win signed books of your choice from member authors of your choice — that’s right, real, physical books with covers and paper and everything. But don’t delay — the contest closes on November 3!

Check it out, dear readers: take a look at the authors on the website, read the blog, and enter the contest. Leave some comments, too.

And remember: when you want a great read, you'll find a wealth of choice at BestSelling Reads.


  1. Welcome to your new post, President Bury!!! ♫ Hail to the Chief... ♫

  2. I'm humming along with Jesi! Although I believe we Canadians don't have such majestic music to announce the arrive of our Chief! Let us know how we can help support you as you step into Frederick's big shoes.