Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Product review: ViewSonic VX2025wm Monitor

ViewSonic VX2025wm
Price: $529 Cdn
By Evan Bury

The new ViewSonic VX2025 LCD monitor is a highly efficient and convenient computer display. It has many qualities that make it in some ways superior to the iMac’s built-in screen.

To start, the ViewSonic screen is clear and visible from all practical viewing angles, and unlike many LCD monitors, does not appear blurry or fuzzy when viewed from the side or above. Also, the resolution is consistently clear. When activated, the screen takes less than a second to bleep on, much faster than many other monitors.

The image is very clear and sharp. Images in games or movies show almost no blur or ghosting. The manufacturer attributes this to its ClearMotiv video technology.

Also, the ViewSonic’s base is very convenient. It does not occupy excessive space on the computer desk, allowing more space on the desk for manuals, notes and other computer related objects and equipment.

The one disadvantage is that the screen cannot swivel. A swiveling screen can be useful for space management and also checking behind the monitor when searching for small but important tools.

The screen does tilt, but that ability is not obvious. You have to pull up on a clip in the narrow neck of the stand to release it, and then the weight of the screen suddenly pitches if forward.

The controls located at the bottom of the screen are very easy to use, and includes a convenient volume control for the built-in speakers. Many other computers would force you to adjust the volume by more manual tedious means.

Finally, the wires in the back of the monitor are conveniently placed in a position that helps to avoid excessive tangling. When relocating a computer, tangled wires often present a time-consuming problem. However, the arrangement of these wires would keep tangling to a minimum, and would therefore allow the computer user to relocate the computer mush more quickly and efficiently.

Although the screen cannot swivel, the positive aspects of this screen far outweigh the one negative aspect.

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